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Lightroom plugin Excire Search 2022 now also with duplicate finder

Lightroom Plugin Excire Search 2022

After we introduced Excire Foto 2022 with integrated duplicate finder, many Lightroom users requested that we integrate this feature into the Lightroom plugin Excire Search as well.

Today we are happy to present the new Excire Search 2022 with Duplicate Finder. And we have added a few more optimizations as well.

Search for duplicates made easy

The new duplicate search tracks down real file duplicates, different versions of an original photo, or even very similar images and photos from continuous shooting.

The degree of duplicate matching can be set by the user, as well as the maximum time interval between photos in a series.

The detected duplicates are organized in collections that you can navigate through. You can assign the reject flag to duplicates and delete them later with one click. 

All this will help you clean-up your image archive and free storage space.

Excire Search 2022 even more powerfull!

Other new features and improvements in Excire Search 2022 relate to the performance of the Lightroom plug-in, as well as more sophisticated options in keyword search, keyword transfer, and handling of custom keywords.

For example, keywords can be excluded from the search and you can find "photos of architecture that do NOT show a bridge".

When searching for similar photos or for people, the accuracy of the match is adjustable.

Highlights in Excire Search 2022

  • All new "Search for duplicates"
  • Adjustable degree of similarity
  • Keywords can be excluded from search 
  • Transfer of user-defined keywords is now possible even if no keyword has been assigned by Excire
  • Virtual copies can be initialized directly
  • In "Reinitialize photos" options for updating transferred keywords have been added
  • The speed of searching in large catalogs has been improved

With Excire Search 2022, image management is now even more fun. The time-consuming search for photos is a thing of the past, valuable photo memories are preserved and easy to find. Users regain control over their photo archives and will be amazed at the old photo treasures hidden there.

Excire Search 2022 costs 99,00 € and there is a free 14 days trial version.