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Deepening the partnership with Intel

Excire Foto is the best AI-based photo management software in the world. At least that's how Intel sees it and has included Excire Foto in its software starter pack for devices with Intel processors integrated.

The latest 10th and 11th generation processors perfectly support Excire Foto's very computationally intensive Artificial Intelligence with special Intel features and processor parts.

Therefore, Excire Foto is a perfect showcase for Intel of this latest processor technology. Dennis Luo, Senior Director/GM of Intel sums it up as follows:

We are excited about Excire taking advantage of Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit to unlock the potential of new AI use cases on Intel’s 10th Generation and 11th Generation processors. Optimizations with Intel DL Boost: VNNI allows Excire to unlock industry leading performance on photo tagging and search and solves real world end user problems.

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