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Tutorial: Search correctly with Excire Search - The photo search for Lightroom simply explained

Excire Search offers a lot of possibilities to search your Lightroom catalog efficiently. In this post, we'll focus on similarity search, or searching with sample photos. What exactly does this mean? It's simple: you point Excire Search at example photo and our plugin will search for matching photos in your Lightroom catalog. How the application works, we explain here:


Search Lightroom catalog for one or more sample images

To start the photo search with sample photos, we first open Adobe Lightroom and click into the "Library" tab and there into the "Additional module options".

There we can find the following possible search options:


Search with sample photo

Do you have a photo in your Lightroom catalog that you want to use as a sample photo? Good, then proceed as follows:

  • Marking a photo in the Lightroom catalog
  • Library" tab - "Add-on module options" - "Search with sample photo" selection
  • In the next window you can set additional parameters of the photo search, such as number of results, search criteria, etc.
  • Especially interesting: you can decide whether Excire Search searches for the exact subject of your photo (image content) or for the dominant color of the image.
  • One click on "Start" and Excire Search shows you matching results in seconds. These are saved in a separate collection in Lightroom.
  • Important: Make sure that the custom order is set in Lightroom. Only then will you see the most similar photos, first.


Search with several sample photos

If you have two or more sample photos, you can proceed in the same way as described above. Simply select both photos and start Photo Search "Search with sample photo".

Excire Search now searches for matching results that contain one or all of the search criteria.


Search with example photo as before

This option is very useful if you often search with the same search criteria and program settings. To start the search, select your desired sample photo and click "Search with multiple sample photos" in the "Additional module options". Excire Search will then immediately give you the most similar images as a new collection.


Search by External Example Photo

To search with a sample image from the Internet or from your local computer, open the "Search with external sample photo" dialog via the "Additional module options".

There, the first thing you do is specify the source of your sample image:

  • URL: Here you enter the internet address of the sample image directly
  • Local file: Here you search your PC for the sample images you want.


With a click on "Start" Excire Search will now start searching for similar images that match your external sample image.


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