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Excire Search 1.4 and Lightroom Classic 9.0 are released

After a longer beta testing period, our new version Excire Search 1.4 is now officially available. Existing customers will receive this version as a free update. Besides fixing minor bugs, version 1.4 mainly includes an accelerated image analysis, which shortens the time needed to initialize a Lightroom catalog. Through our collaboration with Intel, the analysis of photos is accelerated especially on Intel processors but is also faster on AMD processors than before. Like all our previous versions, this version can be tested free of charge for 30 days:

At the same time as the latest Excire Search version, the latest version of Lightroom Classic has also been released. Since Adobe has made some changes to the Lightroom catalog, it is renamed after a migration step ("AlterName-2.lrcat"). The renaming causes our plugin to no longer find an existing Excire database and the following dialog appears:


At this point, the old Excire database can be selected ("Search database..."), so that you can continue working with our software as before. The Excire database file will also be renamed automatically, so that it will be named like your new Lightroom catalog.

In our Forum you will find again information about our Excire database and where you usually find it.

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