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We give a smile at Christmas time!

Excire Search FA

We are very pleased to introduce our new module Excire Search FA (Beta)! Excire Search FA analyzes faces and detects if a man/woman is smiling. You can use it to quickly find all pictures with one, two or more faces visible. You can also limit the search to people who are smiling.

Since Excire Search FA differentiates between women and men, you can find e.g. male portraits but also group pictures on which rather ladies who are smiling can be seen. And the best: With our Christmas promotion until 26.12.2016 we give away the new module Excire Search FA (Beta) with the purchase of Excire Search EX and CT !


But there is more news

The current version 1.2 has a significantly expanded range of functions and contains a whole series of improvements.
The list of search terms is now organized hierarchically and contains higher-level terms such as nature and food. Furthermore, the search terms can now be combined to search more specifically. For example, you can search for "dog AND beach" to find the pictures with dog on the beach. With the new module FA you can be even more specific and e.g. search for smiling ladies on the beach.


Another completely new feature is the ability to save multiple search results. For this purpose, Excire Search creates a list of collections. This functionality, which was suggested by customers, can also be turned off.


And what else?

Furthermore, we have worked on better protecting the Excire catalog. Backups are performed before and during initialization. This allows the catalog to be automatically restored if it is damaged during initialization.


We have also fixed the problem that the catalog used to get corrupted when Windows was rebooted during initialization, and we now support Chinese and Arabic characters in the filenames. The name of the Excire catalog has been changed from " Excire-Search.bin" to " Excire.excat".

Finally, a whole bunch of minor bugs have been fixed.

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