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Free update for Excire Foto 2022 brings new functions

On long autumn evenings, you probably have time to look through photos and clean up your picture archive. With Excire Foto's artificial intelligence, this can be done quickly and intuitively, and it's also fun.

The free update for Excire Foto 2022 makes image management with our AI-based software even easier. Especially the new features like moving and renaming photos and folders can simplify your workflow.

Easy file renaming

The new "Renaming Profiles" allow you to create profiles with user-defined file names that can be applied to all selected images with one click.

File names can also be automatically generated from meta or IPTC data such as photo city or country, capture date, author, camera or headline.

This allows to automatically assign meaningful filenames to your photos, which will help you to keep track of your archive.

Move files and folders

If your photos are scattered across different folders, Excire Fotos helps you reorganize your image library. Once updated to version 2.1.0. you can easily move files and folders using the context menu or drag and drop. Via the context menu you can also create new folders and subfolders.

Duplicate finder with additional filter options

The duplicate finder introduced with Excire Foto 2022 has also been further developed. File names or parts of them can now be selected as criteria for automatically marking duplicates with the "Accepted" or "Rejected" flag. This makes it possible, for example, to mark all duplicates that have the text part "final" or "edited" in the file name as "Accepted" in one go.

Even more optimizations

Other optimizations include easier connection to external applications, additional sorting options in the filter bar, improved image quality and navigation in preview mode, optimized support for Apple ProRaW DNGs, and minor design improvements and bug fixes.


New features of the update 2.1.0 for Excire Foto

  • Folders and subfolders can be created via the context menu
  • Move folders and photos via context menu and drag and drop
  • Renaming profiles
  • Batch renaming of photos
  • New sorting option "Recently added
  • The function "Choose application" in the "Open with" menu supports more applications and fixes problems of Windows users with Luminar
  • Shortcuts, menu and the context menu of photos have been enhanced
  • Image quality and navigation in preview mode have been improved
  • Support for Apple ProRaW DNGs has been optimized
  • Minor design improvements and bug fixes

The update 2.1.0. is free and requires the version Excire Foto 2022 (2.0.0.), which can be purchased for 99 € in the Excire Shop. Those who already have Excire Foto 2022 can install the update directly from the program.

Those who own a previous version of Excire Foto can upgrade to Excire Foto 2022 for 29 €.

For Lightroom Classic users, the Excire AI is also available as the Lightroom plugin Excire Search, which also includes the duplicate finder since version 2022.

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