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EXCIRE Foto 2022 is here! Now with an integrated duplicate finder and PSD support!

We are pleased to introduce Excire Foto 2022, the latest version of our highly recommended AI-powered photo management software. We have listened to our users and, among other things, integrated a unique duplicate finder into Excire Foto 2022, which will help you clean up your photo archive.

The new tool can find identical files, different versions of an original, but also burst and near duplicates. All these potential duplicates can be found across the entire image archive including external drives, and the results can be sorted and flagged within seconds.

The degree of similarity and the maximum time interval between bursts can be defined by the user. Criteria such as file or image size, creation date, resolution, file format or rating can be used to flag duplicates with "reject" or "keep" flags. The results can be then filtered, deleted, organized into collections, stacked, tagged or exported. This brings structure and order to your photo archive and frees disk space.

In addition to the new duplicate finder, Excire Foto 2022 comes with further features that make it an even more powerful and efficient tool for photo management and fast image search. For example, Photoshop files (PSD) are now supported, and, when searching for similar photos and people, the degree of similarity can be adjusted. Moreover, the limit of 5,0000 search results has been increased to 50,000 and a new welcome dialog makes it easier to get started with Excire Foto 2022.

Besides being an efficient tool, Excire Foto 2022 is really fun. The tedious and time-consuming search for specific motifs is a thing of the past. Valuable photo memories are coming back, users regain control of their photos and will be surprised by the treasures hidden in their photo archives.

Excire Foto 2022 mit integriertem Duplikatefinder kostet 99,00 € und ist im Excire Shop available.

Excire Foto users can upgrade to Excire Foto 2022 for just 29 Euros.

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