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Excire photo is here!

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Dear Excire Community,

after intensive work, we are very pleased to announce today our new software Excire Foto publish. The powerful and standalone app to manage your photos.

Through modern image and face recognition analyzed and tagged Excire Foto your photos automatically.

Whether photos from a beach vacation or a family celebration, the Excire KI finds your photos in a flash and brings out hidden photo treasures. This makes photos more valuable.

About a Dropbox and Google Drive connectivity the found photos can be easily shared online. The keywords can be exported and thus used elsewhere.

The use of Excire Foto not only makes Funbut also saves time, which can now be used for the creative side of photography.

Unlike Google, Apple, and Adobe, you don't have to upload your photos to a cloud. Excire Foto works locally on your computer.

Excire Foto is available for MacOS X (version 10.14 or newer) and Windows 10 (64-bit) in the Excire Onlineshop to a four-week Introductory price from 49,- Euro available.

The regular price is 69,- Euro. A 30-day fully functional trial version is available for download. free download available

Many greetings,
Your Excire Team

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