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Tutorial: Search correctly with Excire Search Part 3 - The photo search for Lightroom simply explained

Video is in German – we recommend to enable Google subtitles.

This is the third part of the series "Searching correctly with Excire Search". In the previous two parts, we have already covered these topics in more detail:



But in today's part we want to take care of a very special feature of the Excire Search plugin: The search for faces.

Since retrieving portrait photos, job application photos, or children's photos is always a challenge for most Lightroom and Excire Search users, we have developed a tool specifically for this purpose.

We explain exactly how face recognition works here:


Face detection in Adobe Lightroom

To start the various face detection options, we first open Adobe Lightroom and click in the "Library" tab. There we select the "Additional module options" and then the "Search for faces".

In the next window there are various options to narrow down the search for faces exactly. First of all, there is the possibility to specify the number of faces that should be visible on your photo:

  • One face
  • Portrait
  • Two faces
  • Multiple faces
  • No matter


In addition, you can select the approximate age of the people you want to see in the picture:

  • Baby / Toddler
  • Child
  • Teen / young adult
  • Adult
  • Senior


And since facial expression and gender are also important image properties, you can choose between the following settings in each case:


  • Male / Female
  • Smile / not smile


Once you have defined your settings, Excire Search directly displays the number of matching photos. If you do not find any results for your selection of features, you can adjust your search immediately.

Now, if you want to see the matching images, just click on "Start". Excire Search will immediately show you the matching photos and save them in a separate Lightroom collection. This is then called "Excire - Search for faces".

Important: Make sure that the custom order is set in Lightroom. Only then will you see the most similar photos, first.


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