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Tutorial: Search correctly with Excire Search Part 2 - The photo search for Lightroom simply explained

Video is in German – we recommend to enable Google subtitles.

This is the next part of the series "Searching with Excire Search". In the last part, we focused on searching with the help of sample photos. This time we will talk about another possibility that Excire Search offers as search functions: The classic search with keywords and the search with colors and image properties. How the application works, we explain here:


Search Lightroom catalog with keywords

The good thing beforehand: Of course, nobody has to worry about assigning keywords. Excire Search has already done that automatically during the initialization of your Lightroom catalog.


  • In Excire Search are 125 keywords contain
  • In Excire Search are 525 keywords contain
  • In addition, the dominant colors of each image are saved as well


However, the keywords assigned by Excire Search do not automatically appear under the keyword tags in Lightroom. Instead, they are stored in the Excire Search database. But you want to see and use the keywords in Lightroom as well? No problem! In the Excire Search Pro version, the keywords can easily be transferred to Lightroom.


To start the keyword search, we first open Adobe Lightroom and click in the "Library" tab, then in the "Additional module options" and there on "Search with keyword".


Search with keyword

The keyword search window offers several tools to search with.

  • Free text: Here you can easily enter the keyword you want to search for.
  • Image content: All keywords that describe the subject in your photo are displayed here. The numbers behind the keywords indicate how many matching images there are for the respective keyword.
  • Image properties: Here we have various indicators that basically describe the image. For example, "light" or "dark".
  • Dominant colors: Here you can search for the predominant colors of an image with one click.
  • As soon as you enter or select a keyword, Excire Search will immediately show you the number of results.
  • You can also use multiple keywords. These are listed on the right side of the window and can also be removed individually.
  • Once you have selected your keywords, just click on "Start" and Excire Search will show you the matching photos in seconds. These are saved in a separate collection in Lightroom including the keyword. So you can access the results again and again without having to search each time.
  • Important: Make sure that the custom order is set in Lightroom. Only then will you see the most similar photos, first.



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