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The new comprehensive photo search for professionals - Excire Search Pro

Video is in German – we recommend to enable Google subtitles.

We work every day to further improve our successful Lightroom plugin. The result is a compact new software variant that is specially tailored to the needs of our professional users.


Excire Search Pro includes all the functionality of the previous modules in one powerful plugin:


  • Photo search with sample images: Excire Search returns matching results that match the sample photo.
  • Keyword search with extended keyword set of more than 500 keywords: Excire analyzes your images and automatically assigns the appropriate keywords.
  • Recognize and analyze faces: Excire finds specific faces and also allows searching for moods and facial expressions.
  • Keywords transfer function: Excire transfers automatically assigned keywords to their Lightroom catalog so that they can be used like manually created keywords.


Sounds interesting? Then take the chance now and secure a 10% introductory discount when purchasing Excire Search Pro up to and including 30.06.2018.


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