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Merry Christmas and Excire Search 1.3.4

Video is in German – we recommend to enable Google subtitles.

Christmas is just around the corner and this year we are giving our customers a free update to version 1.3.4. In addition to minor fixes, the new version offers, by popular demand, automatic initialization and, with Excire Search Pro, automatic transfer of keywords after an import of photos.


To be able to use these new functionalities, they only have to activate the option "Initialize photos on import" in the Additional Module Manager in the Excire Search section in the settings (see screenshot). If you also want the keywords of the imported photos to be automatically transferred to your Lightroom catalog after initialization, simply activate the option "Transfer keywords on import". If your import and the initialization slow each other down, you can set a waiting time in seconds for the initialization, so that your import is completed before the initialization starts automatically. On modern computers, however, a setting of this parameter is usually not necessary, so that the default setting can be kept.


Your workflow will be even smoother with these new functionalities and nothing will stand in the way of finding the images you are looking for. Furthermore, the languages Italian, French and Spanish are now supported in addition to German and English.


Download links can be found as always in our forum in the "Announcements" section: LINK


In line with this, we are offering our Excire Search customers a Christmas upgrade to Excire Search Pro for only 40 Euro.


We wish you a lot of fun with our latest Excire software and a nice pre-Christmas season: Relax and let our AI work for you.


Your Excire Team



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