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Excire Search conquers the USA

Full service around our innovative Lightroom plugin is now also available for American users.


The location search is over: We are pleased to announce the reopening of our subsidiary in the USA. With the subsidiary Excire Inc. we now also offer our customers in North America the comprehensive customer service that our German users are already used to.


With reinforcement and know-how into the American market

Establishing a sales network and customer service internationally requires not only a whole lot of motivation and enthusiasm, but above all competence and experience on a global level. With Israel (Sol) Sonnenschein, our team has gained an expert in market development and establishing sustainable sales structures with many years of international experience.


In addition, we have the combined expertise of Skip Cohen, a veteran of the American photo industry, and Steve Rosenbaum, a professional photographer and marketing expert. In addition, we have Ed Sanchez and Manuel Wille, important creators of the Nik Collection, on board. With this team, we want to expand existing business relationships and establish new contacts in the USA, in order to make our Excire Search Plugin the standard application for both professional and amateur photographers in one of the largest markets for photography worldwide.


Software development "Made in Germany

Nothing will change for our German users: Excire Search - our innovative photo search for Lightroom - will continue to be further developed, optimized and maintained in our Lübeck-based technology forge Pattern Recognition Company GmbH (PRC). Intuitive design and maximum functionality are our top priorities to ensure that all users not only find suitable images, but also enjoy working with Excire Search.


You would like to learn more about our team?

Discover everything you need to know about the software experts and the idea behind Excire Search Plugin here: About Us


Do you already know our new plugin variants?

Excire Search and Excire Search Pro now combine all the previous features of each module into two powerful plugins for Adobe Lightroom.


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