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EXCIRE SEARCH FAQ: Backup, data protection and archiving

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Who does not know it? You have just installed the latest version of a software, but something goes wrong and now both data and settings are gone.

In today's newsletter from our Excire Search FAQ, we want to deal with the topic of data backup and backup of the Excire Search database, because nothing is more annoying than having to start over with the initialization of hundreds or even thousands of images.


Does Excire Search have a data backup?

Yes, the Excire plugin automatically creates a backup of the database before and during each major initialization. This backup is located in the same location as the Adobe Lightroom catalog and also has the same file name, but with the additional file extension "Excire.excat" or "Excire.excat.bak".


How to restore a backup of the Excire Search plugin?

If Excire Search detects that the database is damaged or corrupted, the user will receive a notification so that the backup of the database can be restored automatically.


Can Adobe Lightroom and Excire Search be backed up together?

Yes, this is possible in principle. To create a backup of Adobe Lightroom and the Excire Search plugin together, proceed as follows:

  • Back up your Adobe Lightroom catalog as you normally would. Lightroom creates a backup of your catalog in a subfolder called "Backups".
  • Now copy the backup of the Excire Search database next to the backup of the Lightroom catalog
  • Now, when you restore your backup of Lightroom, the Excire Search database can continue to be used seamlessly.


What do I need to do if I move my Lightroom catalog?

Wenn Sie Ihren Lightroom Katalog an einen anderen Speicherort verschieben möchten, kopieren Sie einfach zusätzlich zum Lightroom Katalog auch unsere Excire Search Datenbank in Ihr ausgewähltes Verzeichnis.


Where can I find the Excire Search database?

Your Excire Search database file is located in the same folder as the corresponding Lightroom catalog, also has the same file name and ends with "Excire.excat",


  • Example: Your Lightroom catalog "mustermann.lrcat" has the associated Excire Search database "mustermann Excire.excat".
  • Important: Please note the space before the word "Excire".


To keep our FAQ useful, we rely on your help. What's your experience with the Excire Search plugin for Lightroom? Are there any questions or problems? Then write to us!



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