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Excire photo contest with AI jury

Video is in German – we recommend to enable Google subtitles.

As a company, we are not only driven by the goal to develop the best software for your photos, but we also enjoy photography ourselves. Since images have always played a central role in our company and in our projects, it was only a logical consequence to combine our expertise with our passion and create Excire. Although we consider ourselves interested in photography, we would not call ourselves professional photographers. We just have fun with photos and everything that has to do with it.

Nevertheless, there are of course always controversial discussions in our company as well about what makes a beautiful photo and who is the best photographer in the house. So it was time to determine this in a competition. And what could be more obvious in an AI company than to let an AI decide who took the best picture? So we collected over 200,000 photos that are representative of very good and bad shots. There's everything from professional shots to selfies taken with a cell phone. We presented all these images to our AI, which learned what distinguishes good from bad photos.

Every employee could participate, regardless of whether they were a software developer, AI engineer, project manager, salesperson, office fairy, assistant, managing director or shareholder. It doesn't matter which camera the photos were taken with. Photo editing was also allowed. Only the amount of submitted photos was limited to two photos per participant.

The rating scale of the AI jury ranges from 0 (well) to 100 (dreamlike). The higher the rating, the better the photo. The winner is the participant whose photo was rated the highest. This participant may now officially call himself "Best Excire Photographer". At least until a successor is determined in a new competition.

After the submission deadline, the time had finally come and, similar to the "Eurovision Song Contest", the submitted photos were evaluated in an evaluation round by our AI jury in front of the eyes of all participants. It was a head-to-head race, but in the end the favorite, our CEO Erhardt, prevailed with more than 5 points ahead of his pursuers. Photography experience pays off after all, which apparently our AI jury also recognized.

Erhardt’s Siegerbild. Aufgenommen in Australien 2017 mit einer Fujifilm X-T2 und Objektiv XF16mm F1.4 R WR

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to everyone who participated, making for an entertaining event.

If you want to test our AI with your own photos, you can do so on the following website:


We are curious how high your ratings will be and what you think of our AI image rating. Just share your feedback with us and write an email with subject "KI“ an „feedback@excire.de". Let's see if someone reaches the maximum of 100?

Annotation: The demo is a prototype system from our lab that does NOT filter out inappropriate content. So if you put nonsense in, you will get nonsense out.

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