The Excire Engine

Content-Based Image Retrieval

The best features for content-based search are learned

Automatic Tagging

Object recognition and scene classification are used for automatic content extraction

Response Time

Fast search in huge datasets


Due to XML the software can be integrated easily in existing applications


Allows for flexible usage and customization

Excire is a powerful image retrieval and annotation software that employs our state-of-the-art pattern recognition and deep learning technology for an intuitive and efficient management of digital images. Excire targets professional and amateur photographers, stock photo agencies, providers of photo sharing and printing services, and can be integrated in applications such as Adobe Lightroom and various Digital-Asset-Management systems. All these different potential Excire users may profit from more efficient image-management workflows.

In contrast to traditional systems that require the user to manually enter appropriate tags, Excire can automatically learn characteristic features of images. The features are then used for similarity search based on example images and content-based search with selected keywords.

Interacting with Excire is intuitive and easy, and the system can be re-trained to match different applications. Excire supports access via HTTP but does not require a web server. Client-server communication is based on XML and messaging via tcp sockets, unix sockets, and web sockets. An API solution is also available.

Moreover, the Excire Engine can run on standard desktop computers. All this flexibility has led to an seamlessly integrated Excire Search plugin for Adobe Lightroom..

Please try our demo. If you would like to learn more about Excire, contact us without any obligation. We look forward to being able to help you!