Learn more about the team behind Excire Search.

The Excire technology was developed byPattern Recognition Company (PRC) a German AI company founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the University of Lübeck. PRC has an excellent team of computer scientists with outstanding expertise in machine learning and computer vision. Neural networks and deep learning were applied at PRC long before these technologies became popular. Prof. Thomas Martinetz, one of the company founders, is a well-known expert in neural networks.

CEO and PRC co-founder Erhardt Barth is a Computer Vision expert but also a photography enthusiast who earned his first money as a student with photography. As his image collection grew to over 100k, he realized the value of images decreases as their number increases, just because you often are not finding the images you are looking for. Then came CTO Thomas Käster who did his Ph.D. on AI-based image-retrieval and was keen to bring that in.

Moreover, PRC partnered with Nik Software, to work on various advanced research topics, and we are now happy to have key Nik people on board. All these factors lead to the development of the Excire technology and our passion for making AI useful for photographers.

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